Sunday, November 6, 2011

OIX Attribute Exchange Summit - Washington DC

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is holding this year's Attribute Exchange Summit in Washington, DC.

Identity attributes are core of the concept of digital identity. As federated identity ecosystem getting more mature and adoption grows among more sophisticated RPs  - with more consequential use cases such as government, health, education, commerce ... - so does the need for wider sets of attributes with more accurate and fresh values. This presents both tough challenges and opportunities for IDPs.

The challenges center, as one may expect:, around aggregating, correlating, transform and maintaining fresh copy of attributes in a cost effective manner and in a way that it does not compromise the privacy (and other rights) of the principle owner. IDPs can differentiate based on the range of attributes they provide in this way and there in lies the opportunities.

I will be talking more about identity attributes, their life cycle, uses cases and how they help establish and elevate trust among parties to commercial transactions (online and off-line) as part of a panel with Don Thibeau, OIX/OIDF chairman and Abbie Barbir, VP BoA.

If you are planning to attend, I'd be happy to hear from you.


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