Saturday, November 24, 2012

Via Quora: How has eBay's review system evolved in the past few years?

The feedback system and "feedback score" is one of the first things associated with eBay (maybe second only to auction). The main purpose of any feedback system is to harness the "signals" community members send to "feedback processor" to encourage and "enforce" desirable behavior. Anyone who ever thought about or design a rating or feedback system knows that the task is not as easy as it may first seem. And the first step is to understand what the different attribute of a feedback system is.

A member of Quora community asked me to answer the question "How has eBay's review system evolved in the past few years?". The question provided me with an opportunity (and a little push) to talk about six attributes of any feedback system. See here for the full answer and if you are not using Quora, I strongly recommend you consider using it. It is addictive.