Sunday, September 11, 2011

OpenID Tech Summit - Mountain view, CA - 9/12-13

I am attending the OpenID Tech summit tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday at the MSFT Silicon Valley campus.

There are two main topics, first the official announcement of  OpenID Connect - a standard built on top of OAuth 2.0 to that allows RPs obtain connect and obtain extensible profile information about an identity -  and second is the introduction of a concept called Account Chooser - a UX pattern for federated login pages proposed based the experience of Google in dealing with federated authentication scenarios.

I am also part of a panel discussion on "Identity Schizophrenia - How users want to apply their online identities" moderated by Allen Tom, OIDF Board Member. It is scheduled for Tuesday September 13 @ 1:40pm. For a full schedule of the summit see here.

It should be interesting ... If you there tomorrow, please do stop by and say hi ...


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