Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Identity and E-Commerce: Talk @ Cloud Identity Summit 2011

I am attending Cloud Identity Summit in Keystone, CO. It is fast becoming THE identity conference of the year where you can see all, be it small group of,  "identeratees".

I am also giving a talk tomorrow (7/20/2011) @ 4:00pm titled "Role of Identity in E-Commerce' where we share our findings and observations over the past year while building an identity provider for e-commerce sites.

You can see the presentation here:

The slides are not meant to be read, but to support my talk, so they may feel a bit choppy when you read it.

If I want to summarize it, it is

"A viable commercial identity is a Super Identity, one that is not just an identifier but a complete, accurate and up-to-date federated profile compose of attributes from multiple trusted providers, obtained with users' consent and control in exchange for real value"

If you attend the talk tomorrow, please stop by and say hi.


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