Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Login Failed, Try Again: 10 Best Practices for Authentication in the Cloud

Here is the deck for my presentation at 2010 JavaOne. It summarizes our experience and leanings in creating an identity foundation for eBay application platform (AP). In retrospect a lot of the lessons seems like "Motherhood and apple pie" but I suppose there is knowing and then there is understanding. Also what I have seen is that in general there is not a deep understanding (or even awareness) of identity architecture as a first class enterprise infrastructure among enterprise architect and software engineers.

Anyway, the deck is designed to be talked over, so simply reading it may not be as interesting.


Jason Sheedy said...

Nice presentation Farhang. I attended your session and enjoyed it immensely. Even though our organisation may not need something as advanced as this, it definitely helps to keep these principles in mind.

Farhang said...

Thanks. I am glad it was helpful.

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